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Order House Plans based on the bedrooms you require and add all other spaces or rooms as you need and we'll custom design it, just for you.

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Easily Order House Design Online and Build Your Dream Home. Get International Quality of House Plans, made for Indian Living & Vastu.


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Ready to build your House?

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Order Interior Designs for your House, custom designed as per existing space and your requirement. Order a Kitchen Interiors & more.

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HouZone.com provides custom designs for your House so that you can build your dream home easily.

  • House Plans custom made for you.
  • No need to compromise using ready-made or stock house plans.
  • Very affordable, in fact costing at fraction of the market price.
  • Beautiful Designs made by Architectural House Designers & Professionals.
  • 100% customized to your needs, lot size, location, weather, etc.
  • Add or edit your requirements any time and easily.
  • Available online, so you can order from anywhere and anytime and get the designs in your account and view them anywhere.
  • Only pay for what you order and what you require.
  • Ideal for folks looking to build their own homes, builders and contractors.
  • Save money by using HouZone.com


4 bedroom house plan, custom designed by HouZone.com

Order  Custom Designed Floor Plans and Build your Dream Home Easily !

Order House Plans, House Designs, & Floor Plans for your House as per your requirements, fully custom designed, just for YOU.

Now Design your Home, get Architectural Designs, beautiful Floor Plans and House Designs as per your Dream House Requirement.

No more accepting what is available or trying to fit into the ready-made design or searching for thousands of options that doesn't belong to you.

Yes, our team of Internationally Experienced House Designers will custom design your dream house, just for you and that too, at very affordable pricing. Now, whether you were looking for that extra room or a deck that faces the water or wanted an additional guest bedroom or an office to work from home, all that is possible, with our Custom Designed Houses.

Design, Build & Construct your Dream Home, Easily from anywhere with our Online Easy to Use Design Services.

Order Customized Designs for your Home, Such as Floor Plans, House Designs, 3D Elevation Designs, 3D Floor Plans, Kitchen & other room Interiors all as per your requirement of bedrooms, spaces, lot size, special requirements, etc.

All House Design Services are available online and will be made specifically for you by our team of Architectural Space Designers, Interior Designers and Construction Professionals.

Get your Dream Home, custom Designed by HouZone. Its Easy, Its Affordable and you get what you desire.


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Our team of Architectural House Designers and Construction Professionals have been helping people build their dream homes easily.

We are more than happy to assist you in choosing the right design service or help you choose your requirements for your dream home, so that you can get the right designs for your house.



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