Construction Design

Construction Services are part of our Stage 2 services, wherein we offer Structural Drawings, Electrical Designs, Plumbing & Water Supply Designs, Cost Estimation and Material Quantities, Construction Drawings, etc. so that you can Easily Construct your Dream Home.


Structural Drawings Rs. 4,999/- per floor

Order Structural Design and Drawings for Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs, etc.

  • RCC Designs
  • Reinforcement Steel
  • Required for constructing your house
  • Earthquake resistant design
  • Safe & Economical Designs

Electrical Drawings for Rs. 2,999/- per floor

Order Electrical Design & Drawings for your dream home.

  • Switch and Power Socket Locations
  • Number of Switches & Sockets
  • Height & Location of Switch Boards
  • Lighting Location
  • Fan Location
  • Connectivity Wiring diagram
  • Specifications & Details

Plumbing Drawings for Rs. 4,999/-

Order Plumbing & Water Supply design and drawings for your dream home.

  • Water Piping layout
  • Hot & Cold Water Inlet locations & types
  • Sanitary fittings location with heights
  • Kitchen water supply and outlets
  • Drain points and outlets
  • Pipe sizes and specifications
  • Piping layout for inlet, soiled water and waste water
  • Useful for proper planning and budgeting

Engineering Design Services

Engineering Design Services are Stage 2 requirements and you should order these only after you have finalized your house design, including Elevation design with us.

These Services will help you in building your dream home easily and cost effectively, also will give you complete control over the construction of your dream home.

Construction Drawings Rs. 2,999/- per Floor

Order Construction Drawings for Rs. 2,999/- per Floor

  • Useful for brick and masonry construction
  • Get exact dimensions of doors and windows
  • Get levels of floors
  • Get proper dimensions of location of openings and other details to properly construct your dream home
  • Required if you are planning to construct your dream home on your own.

Cost Estimation for Rs. 4,999/-

Order Cost Estimation or Bill of Quantities in detail and understand how you wish to spend your hard earned money on your dream home.

  • Get detailed cost estimation with BOQ & BOM
  • Get item wise cost estimation to know where you will spend your money and take informed decisions
  • Useful for budgeting and planning
  • Get specifications of each item of work and the cost
  • Get Quantities of materials such as Brick, Cement, Steel, etc.
  • Useful for selecting a contractor and taking quotes from them

Need any Clarifications?

Are you having any doubts about these Engineering Services, please feel free to contact us and our friendly design coordinator or customer care executive will gladly help you out.

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