I stay in America but wish to build a house in India, how can I order?

You can use our us.houzone.com page to order our services in US dollars, which we recommend and suggest. You can alternatively use our in.houzone.com page to order in INR.

Once you mention the location of the plot, the designer will take into consideration local requirements and your house will be designed for Indian lifestyle if you choose.


Will my house be made for Indian lifestyle?

Yes, our International Team of Architectural House Designers  have very experienced Indian designers & construction professionals and they will custom design your dream home, just for you. You may also wish to get the design as per Vastu and we have complete and reliable knowledge and experience in designing the house as per Vastu principles.

I want design for a Multi-Family House, how to order?

Ordering for a Multi-Family house is very simple, kindly go to the House Plans page and select the option for the design for a Multi-Family House, fill in the form with your requirements, make payment and viola, the design will be custom made for you.

What all will my House Plans include?

House Plans are designed as per your needs, so obviously all your requirements are tried to be incorporated in the design. Your house plan will look very similar to the few sample house plans already shown on the website.

The Drawings of the House Plans will most certainly include the following:

  1. Rooms with Dimensions
  2. Doors and Windows locations
  3. Baths and their fittings
  4. Site location with dimensions from site boundary
  5. Staircases if part of design
  6. Basic furniture to explain the circulation in the house
  7. Other ancillary items such as pool, deck, garden, etc. as per the design.

Your House Plans will not have technical or construction drawings, that you require or your builder requires to construct the house. These can be ordered locally or your builder can help you with these. You can order a CAD files package, so that your local engineer or builder can make substantial changes in the design and provide the technical drawings.

Does Houzone has Stock House Plans?

No, Houzone.com does not keep any stock house plans, all the orders are custom made for the specific needs of the client.

We believe that a stock house plan or a ready-made house plan is not the right way to design and build your house, you should live in a house that is designed for you and your requirements.

What other Design or Drawings are required for me to build my house?